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The new Dare to Believe secondary school programme brings the Olympics to the classroom and inspires students to Dare to Believe in themselves. We do this through our Olympic Values core curriculum programme that culminates with a live inspirational Team Ireland Olympic Ambassador workshop. The secondary programme is designed to work as a TY Modular leaning course but could also be used as curriculum for Junior Cycle wellbeing.

Our programme helps students to connect to the values, life skills,  and the biological, psychological and social benefits of sports. Developed with input from teachers, Olympians, mental health counselors and students, the 6 Unit teacher-led curriculum includes flexible user-friendly resources; presentations, teacher & student worksheets,  activities & games.

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Who is it for?

The TY modular programme is designed for secondary schools looking for a new way to engage students in an interdisciplinary wellness and life skills programme that is based on the Olympic Values of healthy mind & body, respect, joy of effort, courage, equality & excellence. The curriculum aligns with the Key Skills and indicators of Wellbeing  and learning outcomes for Transition Year including being personally effective, communication , critical and creative thinking and information processing. The programme successfully bridges the gap from  practical Junior Cycle PE to Leaving Cert PE that includes theory in addition to practical. In addition the curriculum will show sport’s impact on social, environmental and economic issues at local, national and global levels. 

By registering today teachers will gain instant access to the complete curriculum. TY teachers and coordinators will have everything they need  to include the TY Dare to Believe programme when planning their academic calendars.



Olympic Role Models

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Teacher-Friendly Resources

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Life Skills Curriculum

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Flexible Timeline

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Gaisce Compliant

Olympic Role Models

We connect students with Team Ireland athletes from all Olympic sports. Students connect with these world class athletes and realise that their life story is not so different from them at their age. Our ambassador role models will open student’s minds to believing that success, in whatever they want to do, is within their grasp.

Teacher-friendly Resources

We provide free access to our teacher hub platform that is easy to use and contains the all the programme resources;

  • 6 Olympic Values themed presentations
  • teacher & student worksheets to accompany each presentation
  • activities & games
  • teacher manual with TY modular units explained
  • athlete-visit booking platform
  • informational webinars
  • live events information
  • Olympic Sport Day event planning & more

Teachers can adapt the programme to fit into their school’s  TY schedule.

Interdisciplinary Life Skills Curriculum

The 6 Unit/Ring programme includes an interactive interdisciplinary curriculum that covers motivation , sport science, psychology, life skills and  focuses on many of the key Olympic & Paralympic values that can be learned through sport participation. Students connect their own lived experience to the material and topical issues.

There is no prior training required for teachers looking to teach the class. We will provide informational webinars to familiarise teachers in advance of starting the programme.

Flexible Timeline

Our Programme can be done in 6 weeks or spread over 12 weeks depending on the TY schedule and needs at your school. TY Coordinators can schedule the programme as a PE theory class, wellbeing or life skills module.

Gaisce Compliant

Our programme can be used towards the GAISCE bronze award if done over a GAISCE required 13 week period.

TY Programme - How it works

Watch our video that explains how the TY Dare to Believe programme operates & see why it's an exciting educational opportunity for you students.

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How it works


Transition Year Coordinators and individual teachers can sign up for free to access the full Dare to Believe programme. Registered schools will have access to the Olympic Education Community which provides free access to all curriculum, live Virtual Events and Olympic resources and challenges. Teachers will also be invited to informational webinars.


Teachers/ TY Coordinators can schedule Dare to Believe programme into their calendars. This can be used as a Life skills, Wellbeing or PE classroom course. There are 6 “Rings”/units that will take between 1-2hrs. The programme can be done over 6 weeks or spread out longer depending on the teacher’s schedule.


Teachers go through the 6 unit programme: presentations, class activities and worksheets with students at their own pace. Upon completion teachers notify Dare to Believe and will then become eligible for an Olympic Ambassador visit directly to their school. These workshops will be booked based on both school and ambassadors availability.


Ambassador engages with school and gives an inspiring talk to TY students. In addition the ambassador will do Q&A, play games and give a sport specific demonstration. Students will be presented with a certificate of completion.

TY Programme Features

Download our programme manual to learn about all the features & benefits of the our TY programme. The manual contains all the information a TY coordinator or teacher will need to include our teacher & student friendly programme into their academic calendar including the Transition Unit template overview.

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Download our TY Programme Manual & Transition Unit Overview

“The Dare to Believe ready-made lessons and resources addressed contemporary issues. The level of student engagement was excellent. This course is different from other programmes available..”

TY teacher Orla Barry,

Dare to Believe

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