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The Dare to Believe primary school programme brings the Olympics to the classroom and inspires students to Dare to Believe in themselves. We do this through our Olympic Values core curriculum programme that culminates with a live inspirational Team Ireland Olympic Ambassador workshop.

Launched in 2019, our programme has been adopted by 100s of schools and ten of thousands of students. Teachers love the diverse curriculum that reaches a wide range of student interests and learning styles.

Funded by the International Olympic Committee and PTSB we post teachers and students workbooks that include a 5 ring curriculum based on the core Olympic & Paralympic values; healthy mind and body, courage, joy of effort, respect & excellence. We include a huge range of fun engaging challenges for teachers and students to work through. The cornerstone of our programme is the ambassador visit which never fails to create excitement and inspiration for students involved.

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Olympic Role Models

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Teacher + Student Friendly Resources


Engaging Curriculum

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Flexible Timeline


100% Free Access

We connect students with Team Ireland athletes from all Olympic sports.

Pupils connect with these world class athletes and realise that their life story is not so different from them at their age and successes are within the grasp of the children themselves.

We provide teacher and student workbooks & online resources.

When you register for our programme  & book an ambassador visit we will send you teacher and student workbooks . Teachers can also access the pdf versions in the teacher hub area when they log in.

We consulted with teachers to make this programme teacher-friendly and have listed all strands achieved in the curriculum.

Our programme suits both sporty and “non”sporty students alike.

There is a large variety of activities and games included in the programme All modules comply with the Irish curriculum standards and cover a wide range of learning styles and interests. We include 40 approved educational methodologies and 73 individual strands for 5th and 6th class!

All modules(rings) include individual challenges for each student to complete. Once the student completes the challenges and completes each “ring” they will get a prize.

Our programme can fit into your classroom needs and timeline. 

Teachers are free to work through the curriculum at their own pace. The 5 ring curriculum can be completed over as nany weeks as you like. Once  the programme is completed  and  teachers fill out a review, we send a flag and small gift.

There programme is 100% free.

Thanks to funding from the International Olympic Committee and Permanent TSB we are able to offer this programme and materials at zero cost to schools . That means the booklets and shipping costs are also covered.

Primary Programme - How it works

Understand how easy it is to introduce this Programme into your Primary School

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How it works
10 Step Process

Before the Workshop


Teachers register their school and class for the programme and to host an Olympic Ambassador visit.


Dare to Believe will contact you when dates become available for Ambassador visits to be booked.


School will receive the Dare to Believe 5 Ring Resource pack in the post which includes: teacher and student workbooks, with physical activities and student challenges for each module.


Teacher works through the modules to learn about the Olympic and Paralympic values and prepares the students for the ambassador’s virtual visit.

Each Ring (module) includes reading material, videos, classroom activities, physical activities, individual challenges and debriefing questions. We have identified each educational strand unit that is used to make the resources as teacher friendly as possible.


Students aim to complete challenges for each ring and track it on their Olympic Values cards. The teacher verifies each challenge the student completes and gives their card a check.

Ambassador Visit Day


Teacher will host the ambassador + facilitate the q&a with students. The teacher leads the activities and the ambassador assists the teacher and makes the activities fun. The ambassador will cover the module on Striving for Excellence, introduce goal setting, and tell stories about their life as a sportsperson. The Visit is adapted for online or in-person visits.


Teacher debriefs the students after the visit.

After the Workshop


Teachers and students finish up their challenges.


Teacher reviews the visit and the programme.


Upon completion, the school receives the Olympic flag and an Olympic poster.

“The programme is interesting, engaging & provides fun, interactive ways of teaching core values such as equality, cooperation, inclusion & fair play..It appeals to sporty children but it is equally engaging for less-sporty pupils. Olympian Thomas Barr's visit was a highlight & he inspired students with his resilience and effort..”

R Fitzgerald –Tramore ETNS, Waterford

Dare to Believe

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Gain instant access to the Dare to Believe Olympic Values curriculum by registering now! You will be notified to book an ambassador visit when they become available throughout the school year.