PE Xpo


We are delighted to announce our partnership with PExpo in 2024. PExpo is an event that showcases the entries of a national competition for secondary school students around Ireland based on their projects in the fields of sport and physical fitness.

“The main aim of the PExpo is to promote PE as a subject in Ireland and to encourage students to research PE related topics’

This aligns with Dare to Believe’s mission to promote Olympism and physical activity in education.
The PExpo is a pure grassroots event that has been developed by Paddy O’Reilly & a team of teachers.

The Dare to Believe Olympic Values Post-Primary curriculum covers such an array of sport and physical activity related topics and themes that would lend well to student projects. The PExpo is an ideal extension of our core primary and secondary programmes as many teachers doing our programme ( in primary and secondary schools) are already adding the project element themselves.

With the backing of new sponsors PTSB and the Olympic Federation of Ireland’s Dare to Believe programme, a new look PExpo will move to the National Indoor Arena in Abbottstown, Dublin for its 11th edition on Thursday April 10th 2025.PExpo is a competition that examines the science behind sport. Secondary Schools can exhibit all PE related projects.

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Project Categories


Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding in one of the following Project category titles:

  • Physical , Psychological & Tactical Demands of Performance
  • Power of Sport – Cultural , Inclusion and History
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Well Being – Physical, Mental and Social
  • Technology and Media
  • Olympic Ideals & Values
  • My favourite Olympian ( first years only )


  • Thursday April 10th 2025: PE Expo is due to take place on the Sport Ireland Campus from 10am-3pm.

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