Road to Tokyo Recap - 55,000 children take part!

55,000 joined Team Ireland on the virtual journey to Tokyo!

Check out our video recap of the challenge below…

In 2021, with the pandemic on-going and the cancellation of the majority of youth sports and sports days, teachers in Ireland were directed to emphasise wellbeing. In support of our teachers we wanted to
provide an initiative that was fun and interactive, but above all safe, We developed the Road to Tokyo, an Olympic themed school-wide initiative that challenged students to get the WHO recommended 1 hour of physical activity per day. This also fit in with the IOC, UN & WHO campaign of #HEALTHYtogether.

We created the Road to Tokyo Schools Challenge, to bring schoolchildren across Ireland on a fun, virtual journey to help build excitement for the Tokyo Olympic Games. With Covid-19 restrictions still firmly in place at the time, the challenge was an innovative way to connect with young fans virtually across the country.

This challenge was open to all primary
school aged children ( 5 years -12 years)
and was a separate activation/offering to
our Dare to Believe “Core Programme”
(typically 10-12 year olds). The great thing
about this initiative was that it saw us
expand our reach to all primary aged kids
and develop an awareness of the Olympic
values in the community..


“Road to Tokyo” encouraged schools
around Ireland to get active and learn
more about the Olympics! School
teams logged their physical activity
which was then converted to a
distance to help their team get to
Tokyo. There were 5 stops on this
interactive road to Tokyo where
students unlocked 5 videos, 10 cultural
challenges , won prizes and get
received messages from our Team
Ireland Athletes whilst also learning all
about Japan and the Olympics.

School Teams also got to track how
they were tracking vs. other teams in
their school which created an element
of fun and competition. In addition to
the above teachers had access to 8 PE
lessons of activities demonstrated by
our Olympic ambassadors!

Some screen shots here of the curriculum and content on the challenge site