Olympic Medallist Aidan Walsh Visits Donegal


Aidan Walsh Visits Donegal Town

The Olympic Federation of Ireland’s Dare to Believe schools programme, sponsored by Permanent TSB saw Olympic Medallist Aidan Walsh visit John Bosco Donegal Boxing Club and Scoil Áodh Rua agus Nuala inDonegal town, where students, teachers and coaches got to meet their idol, hear his story and be inspired to learn to believe in themselves.

Check out the highlight reel and photos below:

Donegal Town Community Boxing Club

Aidan’s visit to Donegal kicked off with a visit to the local boxing club with whom Aidan present some gifts curtesy of PTSB for the club, gave a talk to the boxers , presented some Olympic Values certificates to deserving boxers and put them through an Olympic warmup! Aidan tells the stories of when he was a young boxer and how he vividly remembers Olympic boxers coming to visit his club and how much they inspired him. 

Scoil Áodh Rua agus Nuala

Aidan’s trip to Donegal reached it”s pinnacle when he showed up to Scoil Áodh Rua agus Nuala in Millford to hundreds of cheering children chanting for him. Aidan played passed the Olympic torch, gave his Olympic journey presentation, awarded some Olympic Value certificates to students and played some Olympic themed games. The joy and excitement of everyone in attendance was incredible and made for an unforgettable day for both Aidan and students alike.

Special thanks to the boxers, coach Dan McNulty and club volunteers Susan Pearson and Cathal Lowther from John Bosco Donegal Boxing Club,Donegal Town for their gratitude and welcome. And also special thanks to principal Rita Walsh, staff and students from Scoil Áodh Rua agus Nuala Primary School for being such enthusiastic and gracious hosts for Aidan’s first official Dare to Believe visit. Special thanks to our sponsor Permanent TSB for making this possible and of course thanks to our Olympic super star Aidan Walsh for spreading the Olympic spirit to the NorthWest of Ireland!