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You made it onto the Irish Team for the Olympic Games in Paris. We are so proud of you!

Continue your journey and inspire the next generation of Olympians by becoming a Dare to Believe ambassador.

Olympians are role models. We can help you to maximise your effectiveness and give you opportunities to positively influence the next generation in your community.

Our Mission: We bring the Olympics into the classroom.

We do this by developing programmes and activities that promote Olympians, Olympic sports and Olympic Values education.

We exist to: 1) Empower athletes as role models, 2) Inspire children to start and stay in sport  and 3) Promote Olympism & Olympic sports.

Why get involved: Dare to Believe is here for you!

We provide the following for our Dare to Believe Olympic Ambassadors:

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Olympian Testimonials:

Thomas Barr-“Being a Dare to Believe Ambassador is genuinely one of the most fulfilling things I do with my time, and it brings me a lot of fun, joy and also motivation to hear how much these kids really look up to us as Olympians”




Aifric Keogh – “One of the best parts of being an Olympic athlete is being an ambassador for this programme. When you’re training all the time I think you forget about the journey you’re on and how far you’ve come. So telling your story not only inspires the next generation but also their energy gives you motivation to keep going. The Olympic values are something that children can engage with in their every day lives to guide them on their path to success in whatever that may be.”

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