Thomas Maloney Westgaard



Thomas was born on an island in Norway called Leka in 1995. He did some soccer and swimming when he was young but did not do it in a proffessional way. He was though very active outdoor all his life and when he was 16 he decided to start on skigymnasium. 

Since then he has shown great progress in his sport and has gone all the way by being a long way down the lists to 14th at the Olympics. For this achievment he received the Deloitte Special Recognition Award from Team Ireland.


Quick Facts:

Hometown: Leka, Norway

Favourite food: My mums BBQ

Favourite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite music: Coldplay

Childhood  heros: Robbie Keane

Favourite athlete: Roger Federer, Sam Bennet 


Most rewarding moment in sport: Achieving my best result when it mattered the most

Talents other than sport: I am told I have a great longterm memory, shorterm not so much




  • 14th 2022 Beijing Olympics
  • 25th World Championhships 2021
  • Tour de Ski 2021 stage result, 9th Place
  • 2nd in the Norwegian jr Championships

Thomas Maloney Westgård

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