Rhys McClenaghan



Rhys was always a very active child. He taught himself to do a backflip on the trampoline in his garden before he even went to gymnastics classes. His parents saw his enthusiasm for gymnastics and immediately took him to his local leisure centre gymnastics club. 

His love for the sports grew through the years and Rhys was quickly improving from the long hours he spent in the gym. From the age of 9 he was training 24+ hours per week.

The real improvement in his gymnastics came when he started to get coached by former gymnast Luke Carson. Rhys started to produce results and medals that have never been achieved by an Irish gymnast. The first ever European Medal, World medal, Olympic Finalist, and now World Champion. Rhys is the most decorated Irish Gymnast of all time, and it’s still very early in his career…

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Day 1 - Artistic Gymnastics

Quick Facts:

Hometown: Newtownards, County Down

Favourite food: Pizza

Favourite movie: Spongebob Movie

Favourite music: Rap

Childhood  heroes: Louis Smith

Favourite athlete: Katie Taylor


Most rewarding moment in sport: Becoming World Champion

Talents other than sport: Video Editing


  • Commonwealth Games Champion 2018
  • 2x European Champion 2018 & 2023
  • Olympic Finalist 2020
  • World Champion 2022

Rhys Mcclenaghan

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