Oliver Dingley



Oliver Dingley was a bit of a wild child growing up. He use to launch himself of anything and everything. Having struggled at school, he came across diving and took up the sport. Not only was diving a hobby, it also became an outlet where he could thrive. Ollie’s first Irish sporting memories was the 2000 Olympics and the 2002 World Cup. Ollie began to dream of becoming an Olympian and in 2016, he became the first Irish diver to go the Olympics in 68 years where he became Ireland’s first Diving Olympic Finalist.

Oliver Diving

Quick Facts:

Hometown: Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Favourite food: Sunday roast

Favourite movie: Cool Runnings

Favourite music: Rock

Childhood heros: Muhammad Ali

Favourite athlete: Calvin Phillips

Most rewarding moment in sport:

When everything in a competition goes right and all the hard work pays off. Also flying through the air after a great take off on a dive.

Talents other than sport:

I really enjoy film and radio making.


  • Olympic Games Finalist
  • World Finalist
  • International Grand Prix Medalist
  • International Grand Prix Medalist

Oliver Dingley

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