Aifric Keogh



Aifric Keogh was born in Galway, Ireland in 1992. She’s always loved sport, whether it was watching rugby at the weekends with her family or playing basketball with her friends at school. In secondary school she joined the hockey, basketball and rowing team. She wasn’t very skillful, but her height was a great advantage, especially for basketball and rowing. Aifric loved the social part of sport. She loved going to training after school everyday instead of going home to do hours of homework. Her school, the Jes in Galway, puts great emphasis on extra curricular activities for all it’s students and offers a wide variety of after-school clubs such as golf, soccer, rugby, rowing, basketball, hockey, gaelic football, athletics and even sailing.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Day 5 - Rowing

Quick Facts:

Hometown: Galway, Ireland

Favourite food: Pizza and chips

Favourite movie: Harry Potter

Favourite music: Dermot Kennedy

Childhood heros: Sonia O’Sullivan & Heather Boyle

Favourite athlete: Simone Biles


Most rewarding moment in sport: Getting to race against the best athletes in the world with your friends. Having friends and family in the crowd too tops it all off.

Talents other than sport: Not many jump to mind but if I had to pick something it’s probably my cooking.



  • 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games: 3rd Place
  • 2021 European Championships 2nd Place
  • 2021 Final Olympic Qualifiers 1st Place
  • 2020 European Championships 3rd Place

Aifric Keogh

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