The Programme Outline

All modules will comply with the Irish curriculum standards and will include a combination of classroom and physical activities that were selected as a way to demonstrate each Olympic value. We include 40 approved educational methodologies and 73 individual strands for 5th and 6th class! We consulted with teachers to make this programme teacher-friendly and have listed all strands achieved in the curriculum.

All modules will also include individual challenges for each student to complete. Once the student completes the challenges and completes each “ring” they will get a prize. Teachers will debrief students after each module.


The Curriculum


Ring 1 – Olympism

  • Ancient + Modern Games

  • Olympic & Paralympic Games

  • Irish at the Games

  • Prepare for Ambassador

Ring 2 – Healthy Mind & Body

  • Defining and Boosting Health

  • Introducing the Mind-Body Connection

  • Mindfulness

Ring 3 – Joy of Effort & Courage

  • The importance of finding joy in the effort
    of physical movement, school and hobbies

  • Courage in the Classroom


Ring 4 – Respect & Equality

  • Respect For Self

  • Respect For Others

  • Respect For Community + Environment

  • Fair play In Sport

  • Equality

Ring 5 – Striving for Excellence

  • Olympic Ambassador Story

  • Dare To Dream + Goal setting

  • Olympic Mindset

  • Growth Mindset


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