The Dare to Believe Olympic Schools Programme

The Olympic Federation of Ireland is proud to launch Dare to Believe, a school activation programme championed and supported by the Athletes’ Commission. Olympism, Paralympism and the benefits of sport will be promoted in schools nationwide by some of Ireland’s best known and most accomplished athletes in a fun and interactive manner. The initial pilot phase is targeting the fifth and sixth class students in primary schools. 

The aim of the programme is to promote the wider values of sport to children – teachers and students will receive resource packs with a range of activities and information based on five rings — Olympism and Paralympism, Healthy Mind and Body, Joy of Effort and Courage, and Respect, Responsibility and Equality. The final ring is titled ‘Striving for Excellence’ and involves a high-performance athlete or Olympian/Paralympian telling the class about their journey in sport. 

Key Objectives

  • Educating students about the importance of having a healthy mind and body.

  • Improving participation rates of kids in sports across Ireland.

  • Teaching students that the joy of effort and striving for excellence in sport and other areas in life is something all kids, sporty or not, can experience and learn from.

  • Helping students to understand the importance of goal-setting and its application to all walks of life, not just sport.

All the content is research based, interactive and combines video and reading material with classroom activities, physical activities and challenges for students.

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